Virtual representation of a drone

Virtual Drone Reconnaissance Competition

IIRM is hosting a virtual, STEM-focused, drone reconnaissance competition. By participating, you will lead a reconnaissance team through an enemy’s abandoned complex to locate any and all radioactive material before ground troops can move in and secure the area.

Event Details

April 26 | 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. ET | Zoom

Students will join us online to navigate quadcopter (equipped with a radiation sensor) through a realistic, warfighter scenario to locate any radioactive barrels.No prior drone piloting, gaming, or radiation background is required! Just a web browser and a keyboard are needed. ThecompeRRon is designed for first-time users to be able to succeed.

First place: $250
Second place: $150
Third place: $100


Registration is free. To register, fill out this registration form. Students who register will receive a Zoom link and more details about the event. The competition is sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and is an outreach event designed to introduce students to the mission of DTRA and the fundamentals of the research they support. IIRM is funded by the Defense Threat ReducRon Agency (a part of the Department of Defense) to do a series of outreach challenges with students as part of an academic alliance called the InteracRon of Ionizing Radiation with Matter (IIRM). Our goal is to introduce a broad range of students to the research associated with deterring, detecting, and defending against WMD and to DTRA’s mission. 

  • April 26
    5:30 - 7:30 p.m. ET 



The Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter, University Research Alliance leadership group is called the Technical Management Group (TMG). The TMG collaboratively lead the alliance and assist the cooperative agreement manager (CAM) and the program manager (PM) in carrying out their duties concerning the IIRM-URA. The corresponding research area (RA) government technical points of contact (TPOCs) will collaboratively lead the RAs through the TMG.

Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter University Research Alliance

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